What should I expect?


Sunday Morning

Identical services at 9:30am & 11am

Sunday is our favorite day.

On any given weekend, you can expect to hear good music and practical teaching from the Bible. Kids and teenagers experience programming designed with them in mind, with great leaders, and coaches, and helpers who care about their lives.

We are one church made up of many generations, ethnicities, political views, family backgrounds, and preferences, yet we’re united in the belief that Jesus is for all people.


Frequently-Asked Questions

What do people wear?
You’ll find everything from t-shirt and jeans, to golf polo and khakis, to shirts and ties. Wear what’s normal and comfortable for you—God cares about your heart, and not your clothing style.
What's here for my family?
We’ve created specialized Sunday environments for early childhood, elementary, middle school, and high school. We also have environments tailored to kids and adults with developmental disabilities.
How do I get involved?
We totally know the feeling: You’re checking out a new church, and you feel lost in the crowd. Two of the best ways we’ve found to help a big church feel small are serving and groups. When you’re on a team or in a group, you go beyond a casual “hello” on Sunday, and become part of the “home team.” Visit the next steps page for more about serving and groups.
Where do I park?

When you pull into one of the church’s two entrances, you’ll see several large parking lots. Our main entrance is directly under the cross. You’ll find guest parking in the lot just to the right of it. Drive toward that entrance and follow the signs—we can’t wait to meet you!

What do you believe?
We believe in the Bible as our single, constant source of truth. We believe that the Bible is all about Jesus, about reaching out to all people in unconditional love, and about growing as followers of Jesus. For a more in-depth look, see our beliefs page.

Campus Map

Who’s Who on Sunday?

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Ryan Rasmussen

Lead Pastor

Ryan is the main teaching pastor. He also leads and casts vision for FCC.

Jon Koloff


Jon leads the teams that create the Sunday music, tech, and creative experiences.

Leah Miller


Leah leads the ministry team that helps your kids meet Jesus on their level!

Bryan Shelley


Bryan leads the team that helps middle and high school students encounter Jesus.

Shawn Maurer

Next Steps

Shawn helps folks take their next steps toward Jesus through baptism, groups, and serving.

Jimmy McLoud


Jimmy helps to lead our staff team along with teaching and hosting for services.

Abbey Koontz

First impressions

Abbey leads a team that helps people feel welcome and at-home.

About Us

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Get Involved

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what’s here for you

Early Childhood & Elementary


We are passionate about all kids (babies through 5th grade) learning about Jesus on their level! Here’s what you and your kids can look forward to every week: Creative bible teaching, building relationships, age-appropriate activities, a clean, safe environment, and a fun time!

Middle School & High School


The goal of student ministry is to help middle and high school students find real faith in Jesus and meaningful relationships with each other. Middle School (MSM) for 6th-8th grade meets on Sundays at 9:30am & 11am. High School (HSM) for 9th-12th grade meets on Sundays from 6:30pm.



Every week, one of our teaching pastors brings a 30-35 minute message that’s true to Scripture and relevant to life.  Meanwhile, if you have kids in elementary through middle school, they are experiencing an awesome message/lesson on their level. Two questions we want you to ask every week on the way home are, “Did you have fun?” and “What did you learn about?”

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