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Every Sunday is somebody’s first Sunday. We want that experience to be as welcoming and helpful to you as possible. The 5 is five minutes every Sunday after every service, down front in the worship center, for you to ask anything, get to know another real person, and get the lowdown on the five things most people ask about this church. There’s no sales pitch, and you won’t be put on the spot, but we do have a small gift for you to say thanks for checking out the church!

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First Step: Your path to partnership.

When we talk about church partnership, we don’t mean a club with discounts or perks—we’re talking about a home and a family where you belong and contribute. Partnering with First Christian is the next step for people who want to commit to an active role in the church, including serving, groups, and giving. We believe that being engaged in your church is an important step in following Jesus.

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Rooted: Connect with God, each other, and your purpose.

Rooted is a 10-week journey for people in every life stage, wherever you are on their walk with Christ. It provides the opportunity to connect with God and a small group of people from our church. Rooted is an interactive environment. You’ll circle up with your group of 8-10 people for about an hour once a week for 10 weeks. You’ll talk about what God has been showing you in your study and pray for each other.

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Life Groups: We are better together.

We were never meant to go it alone. God created us to exist in community with other people—to be supported, encouraged, and challenged in our journey of following Jesus. That’s because bigger life change happens in circles of people than in rows of seats. We want you to find a place where you can truly say, “these are my people.” Why not start by joining a group today?

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Volunteering: Everyone brings something to the table.

God gave you gifts and abilities to help the church become better. The church gets a little more generous, vibrant, and diverse every time you take part. When you serve at an event or on a team at First Christian, you use your gifts to honor the one who gave them to you.

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Baptism: We all need a second chance.

Baptism is an outward symbol of an inward reality for someone who has decided to follow Jesus. We practice baptism like the early church by immersing fully in water—something that’s symbolic of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Baptism is an invitation for God to show up to make broken lives new, to let Him wash away past failures, and to start fresh.

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Generosity: Because God gives first, gives the most, and gives the best.

We give because God doesn’t need our money—but He wants our hearts. We give because we choose to serve Jesus and not our bank accounts. We give because He promises we’ll have everything we need when we trust Him. We give because we think Christians should set the bar for generosity. We give because we believe the church has the best hope for changing the world.

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Study The Bible: Free Resources to Help You Discover God's Word.

If you call First Christian “home,” you have free access to two resources to help you: RightNow Media, and our on-campus resource rental library. RightNow Media is library of more than 14,000 video Bible studies you can watch on your own, with your kids, or with your group—all from your smartphone, tablet, computer, or TV. It’s like Netflix… for Bible study! Our on-campus resource library allows you to check out physical books, DVDS, or devotionals for your Life Group.

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Sharing Jesus: What’s the reason for the hope you have?

When we say our mission is “Jesus for all people,” we mean it. But that can’t just be a nice phrase that we put up on the wall or onto a t-shirt. The message has to carry outside the walls of the church and into our city. Into our homes, schools and workplaces. Into everyday conversations. Who better to do that than you? Jesus told the people who loved Him to tell people He loves them. Let’s not wait for “someone else” to do it. Let’s be the change we want to see.

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