Why is giving important to us?


We give because we choose to serve Jesus and not our bank accounts. We give because He promises we’ll have everything we need when we trust Him. We give because we think Christians should set the bar for generosity. We give because we believe the church has the best hope for changing the world.


Every service and ministry we offer is only possible through the generosity of people like you. First Christian Church is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and so your financial contributions are tax deductible.

Giving FAQs

What are my different options to give?

You can give via cash or check in an envelope (available in the seats) in the offering plates on a Sunday morning. You can give online here through our secure online giving portal. You can also text an amount (e.g. “25”) to 84321 to give with your mobile phone.


With online and text giving, you can choose a one-time gift, or you can give on a recurring basis.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, your donation is tax-deductible! We are a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.


At the beginning of each year in January, we send a statement of your past year’s giving to everyone who has given at least $250 (the minimum that can be claimed) that you may claim on your taxes.

Is online giving secure?

Online giving is 100% secure. Every transaction is protected by the same tools and encryption used by banks and corporations. In geeky security terms, our online giving meets PCI Level 1 compliance, which is the highest level of safety currently available for transactions online.

What does my donation go toward? Can I designate where it goes?

Every ministry that takes place at First Christian is only possible because of the generosity of people like you who partner financially with our church. Funds help provide outstanding programming for hundreds of kids and students each Sunday, allow Sunday services to present the gospel in an excellent and relevant way, sponsor missionaries around the world, continue operations for our Common Goods store which provides 500 families with clothes every month, and hire great staff to help lead and serve our ministries. Every month, we publish The Monthly, which outlines the specific amounts that have been budgeted and given month-to-month—you can pick one up any Sunday for more details.


Currently, you can designate donations to general ministry (all ministry activity), benevolence (money that helps area families in need), and missions (global and regional mission work). We intentionally keep it to these few options, because we don’t want to show favoritism or foster competition within ministry. If you have in mind to make a special donation to the church outside of these three categories, please contact our Business and Operations director at jbeltz@firstchristian.com.

Why do you accept credit cards?

As we move toward a more cashless society, we don’t want carrying cash or checks to be a barrier to your generosity. However, we’d strongly encourage you to consider alternatives to credit if you’re currently dealing with debt. (Several times a year, we offer a course called Financial Peace University that helps you manage debt, and make sound, strategic financial decisions.)


Here’s the breakdown of how different giving methods work for First Christian: When you give with a credit or debit card, First Christian pays a small (2.4% + 30 cent) transaction fee for every transaction. Giving via direct bank (ACH) transfer is a flat 25 cent fee for any amount. There’s no extra processing fee for check or cash gifts.


We are grateful for your generosity, no matter the amount you give or the method you use, but hopefully this helps you to know the difference between the different methods and are able to make the best decision in your situation.

Aren't there ways other than money to give?

Absolutely! First Christian relies not only on financial support to function, but also volunteer hours and donated goods and services.


To give your time by volunteering, you can visit our serving page.


To donate clothes or household items to our Common Goods store, visit the assistance page.


To offer goods or services or that might be needed but aren’t listed here, please contact our Business and Operations Director at jbeltz@firstchristian.com.