Day 18 | Justin Logsdon

My story is just at the beginning but what a whirlwind it has been so far. My life has really been blessed and I have always had more than I needed, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t missing something.

Day 3 | John Hyde

Being away from my family for almost 22 weeks straight isn’t easy. I will be reunited with my family shortly… but through these times, it is my faith in my Father that keeps our family strong. Our faith in God has held us.


We live in a world that tends to overcomplicate things. Remember when you didn’t need three remotes for one TV? Whatever happened to simple? Even church seems more complicated these days. To try to remedy that, we’ve decided to spend the month of November getting back...

Jesus Is To Be Praised

Jesus is _______. There are a lot of ways you could fill in the blank. We know most of the usual answers. Savior. Lord. Friend. But even the people who knew Jesus best were constantly surprised by the things he did and said. Simply put: They had never met someone like...

Baptism Sunday

At some point we’ve all felt alone, unloved, or unqualified. Whether it was what someone said to us, how we were treated, how we were brought up, or even something we’ve told ourselves. It could be you struggle with doubt, with your self-image, or with sin. Maybe...

The Decision

So at this point we get it: We’re all going to die. Not only that, but when we die we’re going to go to one of two places … heaven or hell. As we wrap up this series, it’s important to talk about the reality that our eternity is based on what we decide about Jesus...
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