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We have to stop viewing our faith merely as a ticket to Heaven, but as an opportunity to bring Heaven to earth.

Day 23 | Adam Carrick

I have never doubted that God wants to play an integral part in our lives and desires nearness to us. Knowing this happens and allowing this to happen in my life are a completely different story, though.

The Fittro Family

We partner with church-planters and youth movement catalysts, David and Teresa Fittro in Birmingham, England. They are working with Christian Missionary Fellowship to bring spiritual revival to England through their church plant work.

The Morden Family

For 20 years, Gene and Melba Morden have worked with Christian Missionary Fellowship to bring clean water and the hope of Jesus to the Turkana people of Kenya. Their work to bring wider access to food and water is significantly contributing to the declining death rate and increasing levels of education of the Turkana peoples.

Mashoko Christian Hospital

Mashoko Christian Hospital is a medical facility led by Dr. Zindoga Bungu that provides care for 60,000 patients, trains and sponsors new nurses and doctors, and develops churches and leaders in Zimbabwe Africa. Everyone who’s trained and cared for at Mashoko has the opportunity to hear the gospel.

Lifeline Christian Mission

For more than 30 years Lifeline Christian Mission has been restoring hope by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of people around the world while carrying out the Great Commission to go make followers of Jesus.

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