Hints of the Future, Part 1

Going “all in” is terrifying—unless you know you have the cards.

MOVE! (Vision Sunday)

It’s time to ask… Are there things that we do that don’t work anymore and we need to let go of? Are we creating a plan and walking it out? Are we inviting God to be our guide? Are we stepping out in faith, even if it’s a little scary?


We wrap up this vision series with what it means to be a spiritual voice in your household, and how the church can help you do that.


We are called to make a difference in our own neighborhoods and around the world. You rose to the challenge of supporting our Haiti church planters by giving $23,000 to help two churches buy land and build churches in Port de Paix!

Next Steps

The only way you grow in something is to regularly invest in that something.

Jesus For All People

Jesus is for all people, all the time, no matter what.
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