The Healer

Jesus came to bring spiritual, relational, and religious healing from a broken system. Where are areas in your life you could use some healing?

Rebel God Preview

Have you ever seen those paintings of a blonde haired, blue eyed Jesus? You know the ones I’m talking about. He’s a holding a lamb and looks like he’s on the brink of tears because maybe he just watched the scene in Titanic where Jack sinks to his icy demise. For many...


But consider this … these difficult passages have been around for thousands of years and this movement you’re a part of hasn’t hid from them – and hasn’t merely survived all this time, but thrived. I want you to wrestle. I want you to ask why. Here’s the...

Follow Me

Do you remember a moment that you realized your childhood dream wasn’t going to work out? Maybe it was being a professional athlete, or being president, or becoming a millionaire. At some point, we all realize that we just don’t to make the cut. But as we...

Jurassic World

What do you do when your world falls apart?

God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle

This one’s tough. We’ve all probably heard it (or maybe said it), and it sounds right… Until you’re the one smack in the middle of the thing you CAN’T handle. Sometimes life is heavy. So how do you view your weaknesses in the heavy...
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