Rebel God Preview

Have you ever seen those paintings of a blonde haired, blue eyed Jesus? You know the ones I’m talking about. He’s a holding a lamb and looks like he’s on the brink of tears because maybe he just watched the scene in Titanic where Jack sinks to his icy demise. For many...

Jesus > Death (Easter 2018)

What’s got you feeling stuck? What shame do you carry that you can’t shake? What secret eats you alive? What is it that disqualifies you from his love? On Easter morning, Jesus put those things in the grave. You can now live fully because Jesus is alive.

Live For Eternity

This week we wrapped up our series, It’s The End Of The World As We Know It. We talked about how our lives on earth are a brief moment in time compared to eternity, how our now matters for our later, and what happens when we die.

He’s Coming Back

Scripture is very clear that there is coming a day when He will return. This week we will learn what those things are.

The Gospel Is For The World

If the gospel is good news for one person, then it is good news for every person.

The Gospel Is For You

Hope is the anticipation and expectation of what could be.
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