Do Not Judge Others

As followers of Jesus we are called to speak into each other’s lives…not for the purpose of shaming but in the hope that we’re pointing each other to Jesus.

A Disciple Serves The People Around Him

Someone who follows Jesus creates margin—space to live, love, and serve beyond themselves.

The Gospel Is For Your Friends

The gospel is simple, it’s essential, and it’s urgent.

What Does The Bible Say About Race, Gender, & Abortion?

This message wraps up our series answering your most pressing questions from stage. But before we move onto our epic summer movie series, we ask one last question— actually, three! They’re heavy, relevant questions that maybe lately, you have needed to hear God’s...

What Does the Bible really say about sex before marriage?

If you grew up in church (or even if you didn’t) you’ve probably been told sex before marriage was wrong—a sin—but that question is…does the bible really say that?

More Alike Than Different (Disability Ministry Sunday 2017)

We kick off the “Jesus For All People” series with our 4th annual Disability Ministry Sunday. Hear Pastor Ryan Wolfe and our friends share how we are more alike than different.
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