Day 18 | Justin Logsdon

My story is just at the beginning but what a whirlwind it has been so far. My life has really been blessed and I have always had more than I needed, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t missing something.

Day 2 | Hannah Shelley

God was showing me that praying matters, that connecting with people matters, that trusting in Him matters. I prayed thinking I would never know the outcome, but God allowed me to come in on the other side of the story.

Who Eats With Sinners

You were made to be light where there is darkness—not just where there is already a lot of light.

The Incredibles 2

This week we dive into The Incredibles 2. Our best is better when it’s together!

Do Not Judge Others

As followers of Jesus we are called to speak into each other’s lives…not for the purpose of shaming but in the hope that we’re pointing each other to Jesus.

A Disciple Serves The People Around Him

Someone who follows Jesus creates margin—space to live, love, and serve beyond themselves.
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