Remember The Why

It’s easy to get distracted along the way, but God pursues us and loves us relentlessly.

Who Eats With Sinners

You were made to be light where there is darkness—not just where there is already a lot of light.

Jurassic World

What do you do when your world falls apart?

I Wish I Had Perfect Kids

“I Wish I Had ______.” How would you fill in the blank? So many times we think if I just had “this” or “that,” then I’d finally be happy. But this week, we discover the blessing and challenge of parenting even when our family...

Everybody Matters (Disability Ministry Sunday 2018)

As a church that stands by Jesus being for ALL people, one of our priorities is including and valuing people with disabilities in our church body. We don’t want to overlook anybody. We want to look a whole lot more like the outcast Samaritan than the religious ones...
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