Who Has Power

Sometimes, you have to know hopeless fear before you can know fearless hope. You don’t have to be afraid, even when there’s something to be afraid of.

Who Eats With Sinners

You were made to be light where there is darkness—not just where there is already a lot of light.

Is There Hope For America?

Hope for our country and for our community lives in these three things: LOVE, EMPATHY, UNDERSTANDING.

Hope Again

Hope is not the promise of something better – it’s the anticipation of it. Except when it comes to Jesus. Biblical help is built on trust…because it’s built on Jesus. Jesus can be trusted. Biblical hope is “firm and secure.” JESUS= HOPE...

I Wish I Had A Place To Feel Accepted

God doesn’t’ view us as a list of good vs bad. He views you lost or found, dead or alive. At FCC, “Jesus For All People” means that “God is not giving up on you.”

God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle

This one’s tough. We’ve all probably heard it (or maybe said it), and it sounds right… Until you’re the one smack in the middle of the thing you CAN’T handle. Sometimes life is heavy. So how do you view your weaknesses in the heavy...
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