Day 26 | Nat Carrick

My story isn’t done yet. Yes, I’m divorced, sometimes a mess, and at times unsure on where I’m headed, BUT, I am different because the work that I do and the relationships that I have point to Christ at work in me.

Day 23 | Adam Carrick

I have never doubted that God wants to play an integral part in our lives and desires nearness to us. Knowing this happens and allowing this to happen in my life are a completely different story, though.

Day 11 | Sam

God reminded me, “It is OK to mourn the loss of the relationship you never had. It is OK to release your dad from the way he disregarded you and neglected you. You must mourn those things to forgive him and move on.”

More Than Ink

Every story has conflict. That’s what makes it a good story. The hero has to overcome adversity to become who he or she is meant to be. Think about it, every story you love is written this way. But what about your life? Are you going through pain, hardship, or...

Day 6 | Jen Maurer

As I think about that baby left in the car and that little girl in foster care through the lens of Scripture, I catch my breath in awe. I wasn’t alone. She wasn’t alone. You are not alone.

Who Has Power

Sometimes, you have to know hopeless fear before you can know fearless hope. You don’t have to be afraid, even when there’s something to be afraid of.
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