Day 9 | Kate Medina

Detours can be hard, heavy, and hallowed all at once. They can be disorienting, uncomfortable and messy. Sometimes there’s more grief than joy and more work than rest. Fear not, grace is found in each established step, and God especially loves the lost.

More Than Ink

Every story has conflict. That’s what makes it a good story. The hero has to overcome adversity to become who he or she is meant to be. Think about it, every story you love is written this way. But what about your life? Are you going through pain, hardship, or...

I Wish I Had Perfect Kids

“I Wish I Had ______.” How would you fill in the blank? So many times we think if I just had “this” or “that,” then I’d finally be happy. But this week, we discover the blessing and challenge of parenting even when our family...

Overcoming Loss

Although we may never fully “get over” certain losses, Jesus does provide hope.

Overcoming Regret

Living in shame means looking behind. Living in Jesus means looking ahead.

What Does The Bible Say About Race, Gender, & Abortion?

This message wraps up our series answering your most pressing questions from stage. But before we move onto our epic summer movie series, we ask one last question— actually, three! They’re heavy, relevant questions that maybe lately, you have needed to hear God’s...
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