Utilizing Your Treasure

Each of us have been blessed with resources to make a mark in the world. Admittedly, some have more resources than others, but God doesn’t let us use that as an excuse. He’s called all of us to make a difference in the world through our time, talents, and treasure.

Heroic for The World

We are called to be world-changers. We can’t just sit back and wait for “someone else” to make a change—every one of us is called to the challenge

Heroic for Your Church

The church would not exist without the selfless gifts, time, and talent of ordinary people. But we can’t sit back and wait for “someone else” to serve—every one of us is called to the challenge.

Gratitude vs Entitlement

Did you know that when directing the Jaws, Stephen Spielberg made it a point not to show the shark until over an hour into the film? Find out more by listening as pastor Ryan kicks off our mini-series, “How To Make A Monster Listen.”

Control vs. Freedom

In 1933 King Kong hit the big screen. For its time, it revolutionized Hollywood special effects and storytelling. Find out what we can learn from the gargantuan gorilla about making the monster in our own lives listen.

What Others Need

We are generous because it changes us.
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