Jesus > Shame

The thing that God was setting up through the law… He finished in Jesus. Where the law was a band aid, unable to fully atone for our shortcomings, Jesus offered himself as a permanent sacrifice, so you and I would never have to look over our shoulder again.

Secrets To The Surface

In the third week of our series, Take The Land, Student Ministry Pastor, Bryan Shelley, unpacks the story of Achan.

The Broken

Disqualified. Unworthy. Hopeless. Broken. These are the words that many of us would describe our current reality. Find out how Jesus used his encounter with the woman at the well to teach us that he isn’t scared of our biggest issues and can use our baggage.

The Flood

Pastor Ryan Wolfe continues in the second week of our new series “Old School.”

I am made new

Who are you? What defines you? What’s your destiny? Your answer to those questions influences every part of your life: From personal, to public, to spiritual. So it’s vital to get the answer right. A false identity is at the heart of many struggles, but you can...

God > Anger

God is big. Have you ever stopped to ponder what that actually means? Have you ever reflected on what that really looks like? God is BIG. He is infinitely wise. Immeasurably creative. His forgiveness knows no bounds. To God, impossible has no meaning. Why, then, do we...
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