Prayer, People, Pills

Here at FCC, we thought we’d take a look at some of those often forbidden subjects. Join us as we look at what the Bible says about mental health.

Day 4 | Kristen Heckman

We questioned why God put the desire to be parents so heavily on our hearts if it wasn’t meant to be.  We felt so alone. We had to remind ourselves daily that God has a plan for us. That we need to be patient.

Overcoming Loss

Although we may never fully “get over” certain losses, Jesus does provide hope.

Jesus > Shame

The thing that God was setting up through the law… He finished in Jesus. Where the law was a band aid, unable to fully atone for our shortcomings, Jesus offered himself as a permanent sacrifice, so you and I would never have to look over our shoulder again.

What Does The Bible Say About Depression?

Some of the most spiritual people that ever lived— Mother Teresa, significant Biblical characters, even Jesus had bouts with depression. This message may go in a direction that you’ve probably never heard a church go before.

The Holy Spirit Comforts: When You Can’t Get the Words Out

In the name of the Father, the Son, and . . . the Holy Spirit. We know three names, but how often are we aware of only the first two? One of Jesus’ last promises to His followers was that He would send the Spirit—a Helper—who would make them bold, living witnesses of...
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