Day 20 | Paul Veerman

That experience was a breakthrough for me not to be ashamed of the Gospel. Why should I not share it? It was real.

The Incredibles 2

This week we dive into The Incredibles 2. Our best is better when it’s together!

A Disciple Needs Community

If we want to grow in Jesus, we need to surround ourselves with others who love Jesus.

The Holy Spirit Leads; Say Yes

In the name of the Father, the Son, and . . . the Holy Spirit. We know three names, but how often are we aware of only the first two? One of Jesus’ last promises to His followers was that He would send the Spirit—a Helper—who would make them bold, living witnesses of...

Be Connected

Manhood is tough to define. Dudes, just look around you: The trail from boyhood to maturity is now so overgrown, you can hardly find it any more. And when our navigation fails us and we stray into dense and dangerous territory, the wives, children, friends, and...

The Power of Community

Our vision as a church is to reflect Jesus as the best source of hope for all people. On our own we are very limited in resources, energy and impact. But Jesus knew that we will be able to accomplish so much more to build His Kingdom if we are united. That’s why He...
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