Winter Fest: Featuring Jingle Jam

Winter Fest is a free event that features Jingle Jam, a free Christmas production, and a party big enough for the whole family!

Love (Christmas Eve)

We’re all broken, but we are loved by a God that came to put the pieces back together.

Remember The Why

It’s easy to get distracted along the way, but God pursues us and loves us relentlessly.

The Most Joyful Christmas Ever

Ever feel like the Christmas season—a season that is supposed to be full of joy—ends up being full of negativity instead? This year, let’s change all of that! Think about it. Christmas is a celebration of when God came to earth. Wait… what was that?! Yeah. God. Came....


We live in a world that tends to overcomplicate things. Remember when you didn’t need three remotes for one TV? Whatever happened to simple? Even church seems more complicated these days. To try to remedy that, we’ve decided to spend the month of November getting back...

Love Came Down

You’re not a bad person. Neither am I. As a matter of fact, I’ll bet most days you’re fairly kind to your spouse and kids, at least this time of year. You’re not full of anger or hate … more accurately, if you’re anything like me, you’re just indifferent. Jesus, on...
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