Special Circumstances

Two Simple Steps to Decide if Adoption is Right for My Family

Millions of children around the world need homes. Many homes seem to have something missing that adoption offers to fill. With so many significant factors to consider, where do you start?

Three Grace-Filled Reminders for Anyone Facing Infertility

“So, when are you going to have kids?” That question is invasive enough when babies are part of your plan. Whatever feelings you may be experiencing, you need to remind yourself of several important truths.

To Anyone Caring for an Aging Loved One

All of us know that our parents, spouse and other family members will eventually grow old and face the inevitable health challenges. If you find yourself facing this situation, whether with a parent or a spouse, here are some ways to understand some of what this season will bring.

A Successful Blended Family Can Happen With These Three Steps

Any home in which at least one spouse brings children from a prior relationship knows that it is much harder in real life than it looks in “The Brady Bunch.” That’s why blended families need to add an extra measure of intentionality, including these important steps.

How to Overcome (or Help Someone with) An Addiction

An addiction or dependence is commonly defined as “a recurring compulsion to do the same thing over and over, despite harmful consequences to his health, mental state or social life.” Are you seeing that trade-off in someone you care about? Here’s what you can do to help.

How to Know When to Move in Together According to Research

We often assume living together can help us avoid making a mistake that could lead to a painful divorce. But is that assumption correct? How should a follower of Jesus Christ view the living together option?

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