Marriage & Intimacy

Marriage Night 2019

Marriage Night is a one-night livestream experience for couples to laugh and learn as you discover how to honor God in your relationship.

A Successful Blended Family Can Happen With These Three Steps

Any home in which at least one spouse brings children from a prior relationship knows that it is much harder in real life than it looks in “The Brady Bunch.” That’s why blended families need to add an extra measure of intentionality, including these important steps.

How to Know When to Move in Together According to Research

We often assume living together can help us avoid making a mistake that could lead to a painful divorce. But is that assumption correct? How should a follower of Jesus Christ view the living together option?

How To Know Whether to Get Married or Not: Two Essential Questions Every Single Person Should Ask

Many Christians wonder if they should move toward marriage or if they’re meant to live the single life. In order to evaluate your situation, ask yourself these two questions.

Husbands and Men with Successful Godly Marriages Make These Six Priorities

No man plans to become part of a broken family or a miserable couple. We marry because we yearn for a life-long, thriving relationship. So, how can men become intentional about building a God-honoring marriage?

I’m Engaged! Four Steps to Prepare for Marriage

You’ve probably heard it said that as you plan your wedding, you shouldn’t forget to plan your marriage. But it sounds so abstract to “plan a marriage” in the midst of the more tangible (and demanding) project of planning a wedding. Here are four steps to help.

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