Early Childhood


KidSplash is an event for parents and their children who want to learn more about baptism!


rEcess is a night designed for awesome kids with disabilities (and for their amazing parents to get the night out)!

Jardin de Gracia

Jardin de Gracia exists to change the lives and families of kids in rural Honduras.   Jardin de Gracia is a small Christian school in the hills of rural Honduras. The heart of their ministry is to teach children to read so that they can experience for themselves...

Faith Path 07: Bible

Ages 7+:
Teach your child about God’s Word and establish the practice of reading and memorizing Scripture as a family.

Faith Path 06: Prayer

Ages 6+:
Teach your child about prayer and establish the practice of praying together as a family.

Faith Path 05: Introducing Your Child to Jesus

Ages 5+:
Lay a foundation, discern readiness, and help them understand the meaning of baptism.

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