Young Adults

Faith Path 12: Launch

Ages 18+:
Coach your child to move toward college and/or career and adult independence.

Kentucky Christian University

Kentucky Christian University, founded in 1919, exists to engage students in a transformative educational experience that equips them as effective Christian professionals providing servant leadership for the church and society. A number of First Christian Church’s staff (past and present) attended Kentucky Christian University.

Cincinnati Christian University

Cincinnati Christian University, founded in 1924, has a mission to develop students into selfless, well-rounded leaders who follow Christ and positively impact their community, country and world. A number of First Christian Church’s staff (past and present) attended Cincinnati Christian University.

How to Know When to Move in Together According to Research

We often assume living together can help us avoid making a mistake that could lead to a painful divorce. But is that assumption correct? How should a follower of Jesus Christ view the living together option?

How to Give Your Graduate (or Soon to Be Senior) the Best Start: Three Steps for Success

Many parents are inadvertently keeping their children from growing up by protecting them from the risks necessary to adulthood. How can you be intentional about successfully launching your older children?

I’m Engaged! Four Steps to Prepare for Marriage

You’ve probably heard it said that as you plan your wedding, you shouldn’t forget to plan your marriage. But it sounds so abstract to “plan a marriage” in the midst of the more tangible (and demanding) project of planning a wedding. Here are four steps to help.

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