Senior Adults

To Anyone Caring for an Aging Loved One

All of us know that our parents, spouse and other family members will eventually grow old and face the inevitable health challenges. If you find yourself facing this situation, whether with a parent or a spouse, here are some ways to understand some of what this season will bring.

You’re Not Done Yet: How to Be The World’s Best Grandpa

Grandfathers hold a unique and exalted position when it comes to the process of spiritual formation in the next generation. Other than mom and dad no one else carries the stature or inherent authority in the lives of children. In fact, not even mom or dad can fill the role we fill.

How to Find (and Be) a Good Dude Mentor

We become like those we spend time with. That’s why mentor relationships are important for every man. Here’s how to find another guy to invest in you or find yourself ready to pour into the life of someone else.

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