THIS IS MY story.

Day Two

If you see me out and about, there’s very likely something big that you don’t know about me. While I appear to function well, and live a “normal” life, the truth is that I have an eye disease that has decreased my visual acuity to the point of being legally blind. Now, I can see well for a “blind person.” I don’t have a cane or a service dog, but I can’t see details, read normal size print (including the biggest Bibles out there), recognize faces, or drive a car. And when my vision got so bad that my driver’s license was taken, my freedom was taken with it.


Imagine for a moment losing the ability to hop in your car and go wherever you may need or want to go… Life-changing!


Since I can’t drive myself, I Uber. Uber makes it so I can still get around. My husband is amazing and always willing to take me wherever I need, but let’s be honest… no one wants to be completely dependent on their spouse for transportation 100% of the time!


One day while taking an Uber, I ended up with an older woman as my driver. We started chit-chatting, and I asked her about her life… just getting to know her a bit. She told me this heart wrenching story about when her granddaughter was 2 years old:


She had just pulled up to her daughter’s house and the police were there. They asked who she was and she told them her daughter and granddaughter lived there. They told her to take her granddaughter and to never let her come back. After that, she applied for temporary custody of her granddaughter and has now had it for the last 12 years! When I met her, they were in the midst of this custody battle… with her granddaughter begging her to fight for her and to go to court against her mother.


So after hearing her story and seeing her heart, I couldn’t help but to pray for her and her family. The whole situation was heartbreaking to me, and I felt so much compassion for them even though I had never met her before and would likely never meet her again.


When you get an Uber you get what you get! You don’t choose your drivers and, to date, I’ve never had the same driver twice… Until a few weeks later! Seriously… It never happened before but a few weeks after riding with this woman I rode with her again. I asked her about the custody situation and she shared that she had just gone to court the day before…and won full custody of her granddaughter! I have no doubt that God was stitching this story together. He was showing me that praying matters, that connecting with people matters, that trusting in Him matters. I prayed thinking I would never know the outcome, but God allowed me to come in on the other side of the story. It was like He was intentionally showing me the fruit of my prayers.


I have to admit…I’m not always happy that God has put me into the Uber scene. But, I have faith that He does not make mistakes and He has me there for a reason. I trust that wherever I am, He wants me to point people to Him and all of His glory!


Where has God placed you, even though you might not be happy about it? A teacher in a classroom of unruly students? A stay-at-home parent with rambunctious kids and loads of laundry? A waitress with ungrateful patrons? A doctor to hurting patients? A factory worker with coworkers? Wherever you are, God has a plan for you! And He has you there on purpose. Point people to Him, and give him all the credit.

Originally published January 7, 2019 on © 2019 First Christian Church.

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