Bryan Shelley

Positioning Your Talent

Each of us have been blessed with resources to make a mark in the world. Admittedly, some have more resources than others, but God doesn’t let us use that as an excuse. He’s called all of us to make a difference in the world through our time, talents, and treasure.

Are You a Follower of Jesus?

At some point you must decide if you’re going to be a fan or a follower of Jesus. Being a fan doesn’t really make you sacrifice anything, but being a follower is going to cost you something. Committing to Jesus costs, but we believe it is so worth...

Why Students?

Pastor Bryan Shelley shares his heart on why it’s so important to invest in this current generation of middle school and high school students.

Secrets To The Surface

In the third week of our series, Take The Land, Student Ministry Pastor, Bryan Shelley, unpacks the story of Achan.
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