The Best Is Yet To Come

The story of First Christian Church is kind of a long one. It started in the 1800s and runs until, well, now. In almost 200 years of existence, we’ve seen tens of thousands of people reached by the good news of Jesus and baptized into new life. Literally. We’ve sent out missionaries and ministers who take Jesus all around the world, into schools, into their jobs, and into… old timey barbershops. Yup, pretty much everywhere. We’ve helped to start new churches, that planted more churches, that went on to reach tens of thousands MORE people. And all these years later, we’re still about the exact same things as when we started: Jesus… and people. Sometimes, we do crazy things, and go out of our way, to tell people about Jesus. And while things haven’t always been easy, God never said it would be. But you know what? He still loves this church—(and by the way, “the church” isn’t the place we meet, it’s the people who meet here.) Just in the last couple years, we’ve almost doubled in size. We’ve seen hundreds of people visit for the first time, start serving on a team, and, and most importantly, make decisions to follow Jesus. If that’s you, we’re glad you’re here! And here’s the wildest part of it all… God’s not done with First Christian Church. That’s right: We believe the BEST… is yet to come.

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