Rebel God

Have you ever seen those paintings of a blonde haired, blue eyed Jesus? You know the ones I’m talking about. He’s a holding a lamb and looks like he’s on the brink of tears because maybe he just watched the scene in Titanic where Jack sinks to his icy demise.

For many of us, this is how we’ve always viewed Jesus. He’s quiet and meek and conditions his facial hair. Yet, when we read the gospels, Jesus doesn’t seem that way at all.

In the first five chapters of Mark we’re introduced to a savior who recruits a rough and tumble group of men to be his disciples. He confronts demons without reservation. He lays hands on people others had quarantined. He became friends with those the religious community deemed unworthy. He broke religious rules and customs and even commands the weather with authority.

Join us this November as we examine the real Jesus through the gospel of Mark.

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