Find your spiritual gifts.


Everybody has skills and abilities. It could be you’re a great baker. Or a mechanic. Maybe even a juggler. Did you know that God has also given every single person a “spiritual gift”? These aren’t like invisibility or mind reading (although that would be awesome). They’re things you’ve already heard about—like leadership, or encouragement, or administration—that God gives to everyone (yes, everyone) to help build up the church and make it better. They can’t always be measured; you may already recognize that you have several spiritual gifts or have no clue. That’s alright.

But here’s the deal: You have been given a gift. Potentially more than one of them! And we want to help you see those gifts in yourself, so you can help the church become better.

You Have Something to Offer


If you spend any amount of time around here, you’ll quickly discover that everything happening only works because of the people who offer their time, talents, and resources week in and week out as volunteers.
We believe Jesus brought you here for a reason. You have skills and strengths (probably a LOT of them) – and He wants you to share them to make the church (and the world) a better place.
If you’re already plugged in and serving, we want you to take the opportunity to learn more about yourself & how to lead from your strengths. We couldn’t do this without you. You rock. For real.
If you’re not yet part of a team, these will help you discover some different ways you can contribute.

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