Disability Ministry

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It’s about Jesus for all people.

First Christian Church is a place where people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are valued and invited to take part.

God is changing me, but I don’t think He is done changing me. I used to not volunteer for anything, but since the Hidden Treasures mission trip, it’s just been awesome. I’m starting a Bible study for people with DD. I want to give God all the credit.

Nick Doll

Somehow there is an excitement about Disability Ministry in Ohio that I have not experienced anywhere else in the country. And what your church is doing just punctuates that point. I’m truly thrilled.

Emily Colson

Here at First Christian Church we believe Jesus is for everybody: Rich or poor, educated or non-educated, married or single, abled or disabled.

Ryan Rasmussen, lead pastor

Weekly Ministry

A talented team of teachers, parents, counselors, and professionals deliver the gospel using a variety of creative methods based on individual needs.


Shine ministry for youth (ages 3-18) with disabilities meets in Playland on Sunday, 11am.


Kingdom Builders class for adults with disabilities meets in Heritage Hall A on Sunday, 9:30am.


Choir for our adults with disabilities to learn classic hymns and prepare for performances.


Day Services programming to help enrich and empower the lives of adults with disabilities through faith, fitness, arts, community integration, and work readiness takes place Monday-Friday at First Christian.

Special Events

At FCC, we love getting together any chance we get. Several of the events we have each year are designed specifically for people with disabilities.


rEcess Night is a monthly event the first Friday of every month during the school year where parents and family members are provided a free night away while their kids have a blast at the church. Children are paired with a buddy for the evening, play games, and participate in fun activities.


Social Gatherings happen throughout the year. We have dances like Cafe Disco Dance Party in October, Christmas parties, bowling nights, and other chances to hang out and make friends.


Mission Trips for people with disabilities offer unique, out of state, opportunities for our friends to go on mission serving God and others.

Community Involvement

We’re here to make a difference in our community. There are several avenues through which we work toward this goal in the disabilities community.


Volunteer Guardianship is a way we partner with Stark County DD and the local courts to extend Jesus’ love to as many people as possible.


Edgewood Field exists for use by children and adults with varying disabilities. It serves as the home field for Canton Challenger Baseball and for Stark Public Special Olympics Softball. Volunteer opportunities are available each spring and summer. Families using Edgewood field are invited to use the ADA-accesible playground on the south side of our building.

Get Involved with Disability Ministry

What do you want to know more about?

First Christian Day Services


First Christian Day Services is a faith-based program that exists to enrich and empower the lives of adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Disability ministry is important to us, because every person is beautifully, wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14), we are all more alike than different (Colossians 3:10-11), and that everyone matters in the church (1 Corinthians 12:12-27).


rEcess is a night designed for awesome kids with disabilities (and for their amazing parents to get the night out)!

Created with a Purpose

Join us as we celebrate together that everyone is created in the image of God and with a purpose to further His Kingdom!

Ability Ministry

First Christian Church supports Ability Ministry as one of our local missions and impact partners. Ability Ministry is an independent Christian non-profit ministry that strives to enhance the lives of persons affected with disabilities.

Special Needs Parenting Support Group

We're a parent-lead support group for parents who are caring for children or adult children with special needs. In our group we hope to bring each other encouragement through the sharing of our experiences among people who understand, foster friendships that will bring us strength in unity, and allow God's word to remind us that Jesus is for all people.

Everybody Matters (Disability Ministry Sunday 2018)

As a church that stands by Jesus being for ALL people, one of our priorities is including and valuing people with disabilities in our church body. We don’t want to overlook anybody. We want to look a whole lot more like the outcast Samaritan than the religious ones who passed up on their brother.

More Alike Than Different (Disability Ministry Sunday 2017)

We kick off the “Jesus For All People” series with our 4th annual Disability Ministry Sunday. Hear Pastor Ryan Wolfe and our friends share how we are more alike than different.


Ryan Wolfe wraps up our summer series through the Old Testament – Old School. He invites his friend Nick Doll to recap their first disability ministry mission trip to Detroit.

I Belong (Disability Ministry Sunday 2016)

At some point we’ve all felt alone, unloved, or unqualified. Whether it was what someone said to us, how we were treated, how we were brought up, or even something we’ve told ourselves. It could be you struggle with doubt, with your self-image, or with sin. Maybe you’ve been addicted, divorced, abused, or kicked-out. Maybe you’ve been excluded, isolated, or hated for something you did or who ...

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